5 Tips For Preventing Water Damage To Your Home

Posted on: January 20, 2020 by in Water Damage
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Water damage is the main culprit that weakens the foundation of your home by causing structural damage. Damp wood invites carpenter ants and termites and causes mildew and mold. Luckily, it is relatively easy to keep your home safe from water damage by following these 5 simple tips.

1. Plant Carefully

Some trees and plants such as weeping willows tend to have very invasive roots. If you are not cautious, they can grow right into your septic tank, pipes, drainage field, and sprinkler system. Plan before planting to ensure that you keep the roots away from any water lines.

2. Clean Your Roof Gutters

If you climb to your roof and find that your gutters contain lots of sticks, leaves, birds nests, and other debris, then it means that they are not functioning properly. On those rainy days, clogged gutters can have water spilling into the foundation of your home down your basement or through the roof causing serious water damage.

3. Monitor Your Water Bill

Many of the water pipes in your home are hidden in the floors and in the walls of your house, and you may not be aware that you have a leak until the damage has happened. This is why it is so important to monitor your monthly water bill closely. If you find that it is starting to creep up or you receive one that’s uncommonly high, it is a good sign that you are experiencing a leak somewhere.

4. Using A Drain Snake Rather Than Chemicals

Regardless of how clean you may be, from your kitchen sink to your shower, clogs will definitely happen. Chances are that you have ever unclogged your drain pipes using powerful chemical drain cleaners. However, while they may be convenient, many people never realize that those chemicals also eat away at pipes. Relying on them too much could be setting yourself up for leaks. This is why you should own a drain snake to clear the clogs. Drain snakes are quite affordable, and you will readily find them at your local hardware store. Plus, they can handle almost any clog without damaging your pipes.

5. Avoid Pouring Grease Down Your Sink

You must never pour grease down your kitchen sink. It does not matter whether you flush it with cold or hot water. It still clings to your pipes and can still cause blockage or even serious damage. Some people break up the grease using detergent before they pour it down the drain and this helps in some cases. However, there is still no guarantee that it will keep the grease from actually sticking to the pipes, so why take such a risk? The best thing is to pour the grease into an empty can then let it sit, and after it hardens, you can get rid of it.

Final Thoughts

Water damage can be quite devastating and expensive, and you should always try to avoid it. The 5 tips discussed in this article will help you prevent water damage to your home and ensure that its structural integrity is never compromised.