Tampa Mold Removal & Remediation

Whenever your pipes or the roofing are leaking, your home is in danger of a possible mold infestation inside your home. Mold spreads quickly in moist and warm conditions causing considerable damage on the area affected. When they develop in wall crevices, they tend to weaken the walls thus reducing the longevity of a building. Unseen mold growth beneath the carpet can destroy wooden and vinyl floors. Molds also produce hazardous allergens, most of which pose a threat to people with conditions such as asthma. Therefore, the need to get rid of the tiniest bit of mold in your home is unquestionable. Having worked in the mold removal and remediation industry for decades, our team of experts has unrefuted skills in removing molds from every corner of your home and restoring the structures in your home to how it was before the damage or even better.

Why We Are Different

While most mold remediation companies in Tampa tend to solve the issue lying right in front of them, our professionals will dig to find out the underlying cause of mold growth in your home. This is a problem most homeowners would like to solve it once and for all. And that is what we exactly take care of.

We perform a preliminary inspection in your home to find out mold growth in the ceiling, cracks, air ducts and in any other place that offers a favorable environment for molds to grow. We’ve got the required equipment and technology to remove molds from any place without compromising with the building.

We’ve got specialists in water and mold damage remediation that have the required skills to salvage your property. Our team of specialists consists of microbial specialists, mold remediation technicians and structural drying technicians among other technicians who are driven by a purpose – ensuring that clients are 100% gratified.

The team of mold restoration specialists uses advanced equipment and techniques to remove mold completely from your home. Our hi-tech air filtration equipment will help remove the tiny microscopic mold spores that float in the air. Powerful air vacuums and air scrubbers to contain the spread of mold spores while remediation is taking place.

In case multiple mold colonies are found in your home, our microbial specialists will use the recommended antimicrobial and antifungal treatments to wipe off the colonies completely. Also, when mold infestation is found to be very high, we may need to dispose off infested porous materials such as the carpeting and the drywall.

Why You Need To Choose Us

Apart from having advanced equipment and certified mold remediation Tampa experts, we do have all the required licenses that permit us to do our job confidently. In case anything goes wrong in the workplace, our technicians are insured.

We have a standby team that is ready at any time to attend to emergency situations. We serve both the residential and commercial sector and our services are always affordable. We will always negotiate on the service fee. The cost of any remediation process actually depends on the extent of the damage and the time taken to complete the process.

How We Can Remove Mold Growth

· Dispatching Our Team – Our process of mold remediation begins when you call our call center reps. We’ll ask you a few questions to determine the equipment and resources required.

· Mold inspection – We’ll then use various technologies to inspect your home of mold colonies and disinfect it from mold spores

· Removing the mold – After a thorough inspection, appropriate tools will be used to remove molds in your home

· Re-inspection – After the removal process is done, a fresh inspection is taken to determine if any spores or molds are hidden in cracks and fabrics.

· Sanitization – We will then clean up all your belongings that have been infested by mold using the required techniques

· Remediation – We may have to replace/repair paintings, drywalls or ceilings that might have been damaged by the mold. We will dry your wooden furniture using specialized drying equipment.