Water Damage Restoration In Tampa, Florida

The entire process of preventing or minimizing the amount of damage that occurs as a result of overflowing water caused by sources such as a permeating leak or flood is known as water mitigation. Taking fast and appropriate actions can ideally eliminate the possibilities of additional damage.

Water mitigation is usually needed once the plumbing fails or whenever torrential rains cause water to come rushing into your home. Warped flooring, damaged walls, soaked rugs, and ruined furniture are merely the beginning, particularly if you do not engage mitigation quickly. The reduction of property destruction, prevention of further water damage and restoration of your property to its full value and former glory can only be after undertaking specific steps.

Tampa Restoration Pro is a water damage restoration company ideally built on professionalism, experience, and the skill to remediate any and all water damage Tampa issues faced by our customers. Our high-quality and competitively priced water restoration services are performed by well-trained experts to ensure your valuable property is restored to a safe and beautiful condition. As a caring company, our goal and primary concern is the restoration of normal functionalities, be it getting your business up and ready to open or your family back into your home. As such, we proudly implement every legal means necessary to ensure the safe restoration of normalcy.

At Tampa Restoration Pro, we offer beneficial services to all our customers, including:
• Emergency plumbing repairs
• Free water damage estimates
• A complete extraction, drying and dehumidification of water
• A full home restoration
• Mold inspection and remediation
• Free insurance consultation
• Detection and repair of leaks
• Removal of unwanted odors
• A 45-minute emergency response time
• Same-day service

Why You Should Choose Tampa Restoration Pro

We respond fast to any water disaster regardless of size

When dealing with potential water damages in Tampa, immediate action is of uttermost importance. As a dedicated and reputable water restoration company comprising of a professional and well-trained staff, we are adequately equipped for quick responses in case of any water emergency. A prompt response significantly reduces the level of damage, minimizes further damage, and conveniently reduces the overall cost.

We comprise of highly trained and experienced water damage specialists

The cornerstone of our business as a company is our specialization in providing the services related to water damage restoration. Apart from our extensive training on water damage restoration, we also emphasize on monitoring and documenting the entire restoration process. To ensure we provide high-quality services, our technical teams comprise of two specialty categories:
• Water damage restoration technicians
• Applied structural drying technicians

We employ the use of technologically advanced water restoration techniques and equipment

We use state of the art techniques and equipment to detect moisture, extract water quickly and thoroughly clean and sanitize your entire. The deodorization agents we use when finishing up are sure to provide the highest levels of safety and comfort.

We provide 24-hour emergency services

Because most of the water damage scenarios are unforeseeable, we ideally offer all our customers 24-hour emergency services, meaning regardless of the time, we are available to provide a solution. We are also available during weekends and even on holidays since we are aware you may have water damage concerns even on such days.

We care

Years of experience taught us to be especially attentive when it comes to the needs of our customers, which means helping homeowners in need is our number one priority. We demonstrate our dedication by providing the best and most reliable water damage restoration services in Tampa, Florida. We walk you through the entire disaster recovery process, file your insurance claim, and always listen to and consider your needs. We also strive to ensure you and your entire household stay safe and comfortable during the whole process.

Repair And Restoration

Water damages can be as a result of many sources, from natural disasters to loose hoses. Regardless of the source or size of your water damage, we have the experience, capability, expertise, and determination to handle the resultant disaster effectively. Some of the most common water damage scenarios include:

• Sewage backups
• Flooding and storm damage
• Flooded basements
• Flooding due to the effort of fighting a fire
• Overflowing sinks, bathtubs, and toilets
• Leaking appliances such as water heaters and plumbing

The process of water damage restoration

Every situation when it comes to water damage is a little bit different, which means every single situation requires a unique solution. However, the general process usually remains the same. The following steps illustrate our “typical” process when it comes to water damage emergencies.

• The process starts with a contact of urgency from the client
• After arrival, we conduct a thorough inspection, assessing the damage
• We begin the removal or extraction of water
• Drying and dehumidification of the site
• Cleaning and sanitizing the entire workstation
• Restoration

When to call for water mitigation

The damages caused by seeping are progressive and pervasive, which means your valuable property could be permanently damaged, particularly if the emergency response is delayed for whatever reason beyond the first 48 hours. Fortunately, there are immediate actions that you can take whenever moisture seeps into any valuables to reduce the degree and potential of long-term damages.

The steps to take immediately you detect flood damage include:

• Maintain a calm and composed demeanor to ensure you think clearly
• Contact our professional water damage restoration experts
• Close your main valve or shut off all sources of water to stop the flooding
• Turn Off the electrical breaker before removing or unplugging any electrical device, especially since such areas might be submerged or the carpet might be wet.
• Place aluminum foil under the legs of any furniture in contact with the water or wet carpet to prevent permanent staining
• Lift away any draperies or curtains from the wet carpet or water on the floor
• Remove any item capable of staining a wet carpet such as fabrics, books, shoes, papers, and even potted plants
• Lift and tack any upholstered furniture skirts

What to avoid:

• Do not use your home vacuum because you could either damage the equipment or get an electrical shock
• Do not put newspaper in any high traffic area because the ink can easily transfer onto the wet carpet fibers to cause a permanent stain
• Do not walk on your carpet more than necessary to minimize the possibility of spreading the damage to unaffected areas

Do not delay the engagement of water mitigation services

Companies with carpet drying equipment and vacuum shops cannot prevent flooding water from wicking up walls, into sill plates, or under baseboards. Water can easily penetrate through the floor covering and into subfloors, eventually causing damages to the rooms below.

If the indoor humidity is not adequately controlled, absorption of moisture from the air can cause damage to otherwise undamaged objects after the initial flood. The structures that are not dried out quickly enough can become a source of food for mold, which might lead to the need for professional mold removal services in future.